Lip Balm

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Lip Balm

Which ones?  How much to spend?  There are all different levels of pricing with lipbalms as well as quality.  I find the cheap, cheap ones to not be the best product.  If you are going to give something out with your name on it and want a lasting impression, I believe it’s better to spend a bit more and get something better.  I understand budget concerns but the better ones are really not that much more.  I had a customer once who wanted the cheapest of cheap but then later complained that it didn’t smear well on the lips and seemed kind of dry.  These days we have everything from natural beeswax & organic virgin olive oil blends including delicious flavors such as acai berry, pomegranate or asian pear.   Chic clear tubes have a higher end look along with different label options such as clear, metallics, holograms or glossy full color.  We also have an array of colored tops to offer.  Full color printing allows for a custom design with endless possibilities.

New formulas with a hint of pink shimmer are great for weddings, sorority houses and breast cancer awareness events.

Have a large order and need a custom scent?  No problem.  Need help designing your label?  No problem.  Lip balm is a universally great handout whether you are sponsoring an outdoor event or marketing a spa or have any type of healthcare tradeshow.  Ask for a sample today of our surprise flavor of the month.

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