We Love Swag

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We Love Swag

Valentine’s day is technically for lovers so what does it mean for your company? Do you do holiday themed promotional items? Sure, it is an additional cost to make up extra items for a holiday but it does show you care. People love the holidays and love getting a little something extra. If you normally order post it notes and market with them, order heart shapes this time for the same cost. Switch your normal pens to red or pink to stand out. Valentine’s day may not be as big a holiday in the promotional product world as it is in every day life, but we do have quite a few themed items for your next V-Day event.

Heart shaped items continue on from this holiday and are a year round staple in the healthcare industry. Everything from heart shaped stress relievers to heart shaped badge holders, they all get a thumbs up from hospitals and staff. They also make great a promo for marathons, cardiologists, tradeshows, gyms & blood donation clinics. Ask us about anything and everything heart shaped.

Valentines Collage

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