Royal Wedding Swag Madness

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Royal Wedding Swag Madness

Regardless of who you are or where on Earth you live, chances are, you’ve heard and continue to hear of the much anticipated Royal Wedding between Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.  Besides its official webpage, talk of the wedding has been featured on multiple nationwide television networks like ABC’s “Nightline”, CBS’ “Early Show” & NBC’s “Dateline”; its also been consumed by entertainment shows such as ET, which has a Royal Wedding countdown ticker featured on its home page and Extra, who features the royal wedding as one of its hot trending topics.  Aside from the on-air media the event continues to receive, you can also find an abundance of material within newspaper articles, magazines, websites, and internet blogs; there are even multiple online-guestbooks that you can sign your name and send personal messages in.  Whatever your preference, there is a source!  Our personal favorite medium for the wedding is Time magazine’s feed, where they discuss everything from potential terrorist threats on the wedding to the locale of where Middleton will be spending her last night as a commoner.

With everybody from plush hotels offering $30,000 royal wedding packages for two to street vendors selling William & Kate party masks, it was only a matter of time before the promotional product industry began profiting, too.  In fact, the swag & souvenirs being offered in London alone are estimated to bring in nearly $42.5 million dollars in revenue.  Want a taste of what the Brits are buying?  Take a look at a few of the promo items like coffee mugs, pens, playing cards, tote bags, coasters, umbrellas and hats that are being sold everywhere!  Aside from the traditional printed products, a few of our favorite, more colorful swag pieces are the tea bags, “Kiss Me Kate” beer, sick bags & Crown Jewels condoms.

Since everyone else is taking a stab at it, we decided to create our very own line of Royal Wedding swag pieces, too.

Even if this is the most anticipated event of England since Prince Charles’ & Diana Spencer’s nuptials back in 1981, not everyone is sharing in the excitement.  In fact, one designer has begun a ceramic line of items in protest to all the hoopla over the wedding.  Camila Prada has designed the Sorry But… line, which, she says, commemorates her indifference.  We happen to think it’s the most unique piece out there, besides ours of course!

Whether you’re knee deep in Royal Wedding cow dung or have a permanent headache from all of the eye rolling you’ve been doing over the extensive coverage, I think it’s safe to say April 29th can’t come fast enough!

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