Custom Retro Styled Lunch Boxes

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Custom Retro Styled Lunch Boxes

Want a unique, yet eco-friendly, option that will not only contain smaller items you’re looking to gift or giveaway but also won’t end up in the trash once it’s been received? LUNCH BOXES! That’s right: custom printed lunch boxes! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can be imprinted with a classic one color logo or a full color vinyl decal can be applied to one or both sides for maximum visibility (and impressiveness, if we do say so ourselves).

Still not enough customization for you? Design the appearance of a stock shaped lunch box with a full color body print instead. Regardless of how simple or detailed you go, a custom logoed metal lunch box is sure to catch the eye of every one of its worthy recipients!

Still not sold? Check out these other cool projects that have been done and tell me being eco-friendly hasn’t gotten a new stylish twist!

See, I knew those last few would sell you on the idea! What are you waiting for? Give us a call for your custom lunch box quote today!


  1. Chrrs Walker01-02-12

    Interested in Retro styled custom lunchboxes. Can I get some information and pricing.

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