Calendar Talk

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Calendar Talk

We’ve been swamped this month with everyone’s orders for 2012 calendars!  It’s odd to us because, we sat here in the office discussing whether or not calendars are played out in this day and age where technology seems to overtake everything we’re involved in and yet, people are still crazy about ordering calendars to hand out to their customers.

I suppose it could be because traditional corporate habits are hard to break or maybe it’s because calendars still remain a cost-effective way to get your name in front of someone for an entire year but, truth be told, I believe it’s because people truly enjoy receiving a calendar!  I cannot tell you how many times a day I look at my calendar to count production days down or to look up an estimated delivery date for a package.  Not to mention, with some calendars, it can become someone’s personal planner and/or note keeper, as well.  Think about it for a second: how many times have you scribbled an important event, appointment time or even a special note on your desk blotter or wall calendar; I’d be willing to bet you’ve done it dozens of times over the past year, even with your smart phones, your PDAs and your Outlook calendars on hand.


Aside from all of the above, here is another reason I think calendars are still so popular: Choices & Customization!  What other product offers you so many different styles and choices than a calendar?


Here are just a few of our favorite styles:


Desk Calendars: These simple calendars are perfect for easy date reference.  They typically have the same base and offer either a tear-off or flip option as the months pass by.  They used to be a pretty basic concept but now one of out favorite desk calendars comes extremely personalized, taking your customer’s first name and working it into the artwork of each month’s image.

Wall Calendars: This is another simple calendar that offers such a wide range of options these days.  Between the dozens upon dozens of stock themed images our factories offer these days, from automotive, animal & wildlife and lifestyles to religious, sports and state specific, there is always a set of images that work perfectly with any theme you wish to incorporate.  If not, then there’s always the option of printing your custom, full color image or images and creating your own themed calendar, too.

Desk Blotters: These larger calendars not only offer customization capabilities but they are perfect for the executive, and even better for his or her secretary!  They offer plenty of space to jot down notes for day to day review and have a classier appearance than a simple desk or wall calendar.  What’s better?  They have also started allowing for custom coloring to sport your corporate colors and even full color process printing to show off some high-res images.

Regardless of what style or theme you choose, all of our calendars offer packaging options that are sure to make it even easier to get them out the door effectively.  We have preprinted envelopes, postage-paid envelopes and we’ll even drop ship them right from the factory to your customer.

Whether you’re looking for a low-cost yet highly visible handout or you want to provide your client with something he or she can actually use on a daily basis, calendars are the way to go.  With an option for everyone, the biggest problem these days is making sure it’s YOUR calendar that gets to them first!  What are you waiting for?  There’s still time to order today!

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