Custom Logo Pen Holders

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Custom Logo Pen Holders


I don’t know about you but nothing gets me more riled up at the office than when someone walks away with my pen! What’s worse? It is always my favorite pen! Not the cheapo pen that breaks every so often or the gel pen where the ink flow stops mid-signature but the good pen; the pen that has that comfort grip that fits your hand like a glove and never fails your trivial doodles while the boss drones on and on during your pointless Monday morning meeting. When that pen goes missing, I go on a chase all over the office until I hunt down, I mean find, the person who walked off with it and demand, I mean politely ask for, it back in my possession. It is only when I have that special pen back that my day can resume normally!



Ever been at the bank, you go to sign the back of your check and, boom, the pen that is supposed to be attached to the chain, which is attached to the permanently placed holder on your side of the teller glass, is missing? Or, what about when you are at just about any store and you use your card to pay for your goods but the cashier can’t find the pen they “just had” so you can sign your credit receipt and get the heck out of dodge? It literally takes longer to sign that little piece of paper than it did for you to run in, grab what you needed, wait your turn in line and have your merchandise rung up. Doctor’s offices are no better. Think about how many times the receptionist has handed you a clipboard with a novella-sized stack of paperwork for you to fill out that, let’s just be honest, the doctor never reads anyways because he just proceeds to ask you all the same questions once he finally arrives in the room, and there is no pen firmly resting in the pen holder or the rope that once had a pen adhered to it with masking tape is now nothing but a loose string tickling your knee while you rummage through your inside jacket pocket or dig to the bottom of your purse to find your own. There are tons of scenarios where pens go MIA, but (wait for it… because here is where I tie this missing pen rant into printed promotional products which is what this blog is supposed to be all about, right?) either way you look at it, as a business, if your logo is printed on that pen, missing or not, you are sure to reach people all over the place and that is why I believe a pen, any pen for that matter, continues to be one of the top branded giveaways today!



Think about it for just a second. If you have a branded pen and it manages to stay put, the amount of people that will use it at the bank, the grocery or drug store, or any office setting is countless but, if your pen grows feet and walks away, the possibilities for your logo making an appearance are endless. How many times have you grabbed a pen from the coffee can sitting by the phone and not even know where it came from; seen a logo and mindlessly stored it away and pulled it out of the depths of your mind the next time you needed a handy man or an insurance quote? Either which way, you’re reaching people and that’s what matters but, if you must have your pen stay put, we have several pen holder options for you.


This round, imprinted pen holder comes with a magnetic backing to keep both the pen and your important notes in convenient place. This circular holder comes in a variety of bright colors along with your one logo imprinted in one color. Please note pen not included.

Both of these clipboard pens come with an extendable coil and adhesive backing so that you can place it anywhere and keep it out of the way. One of these coil pens comes with a one color imprint directly on the pen while the other comes with a one color imprint on the pen holder.

These pen holders come with flat stands and adhesive material for convenient placing anywhere you may find yourself in need of a pen. One has a large round base for maximum brand visibility while the other pen stand has a sleek, more modern design with a smaller imprint location.

This last pen stand was voted most likely to get up and walk out as it already has feet! However, if you’re looking for a goofy, fun coil pen holder to imprint your company name on, this is the one for you!



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