Globe Hub

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Globe Hub

Is it just me or is the quantity of USB ports available on a computer just never enough? I know I never seem to have enough USB ports. Between the variety of printers, the postage machine, the keyboard and my ever so important speakers, I don’t have a single port open to access the files I use my USB to transfer from my personal laptop to my desktop at work. Commence the port swapping I do to accommodate myself and cue the series of obscenities that ensue and you can only imagine the entertaining display I become. Little did I know, I’ve been going through this struggle unnecessarily because one simple little accessory could have saved me all the hassle: a USB hub! Luckily for you, I’m here to share my embarrassing story and offer you a unique USB hub that is sure to simplify just about anyone’s workstation.

The Globe USB is a unique USB 2.0 hub that turns one USB port into 4 instantly. It features a rotating globe enclosed in an acrylic case making it perfect for any travel or international based campaign. With its sleek silver design, it is the perfect work space accessory for any desktop, giving your logo the maximum visibility on a daily basis.

Globe Hub Specs
• 4 Port 2.0 Hub
• Color: Silver
• Size: 3.6” H x 2.5” W
• Imprint Area: 1.5” H x 3” W
• Comes Gift Boxed

Looking to provide an even bigger impact? Custom molds to create a personalized rotating symbol are available with an order of 576 pieces or more.

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