It’s getting hot in here……..

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It’s getting hot in here……..

Between the rain drought and the extreme heat, summer is off to a record-breaking sizzle here in the Midwest!  It seems that with each new weather report comes yet another heat advisory warning and the constant reminder that staying cool is essential to our health in these conditions.  Of course, this got my brain reeling on how Swagmatic could incorporate the ill-tempered weather in with custom printed promotional products and, what do you know, it hit me like a cool breeze rolling in off the lake: FANS!  Yes, it may seem a little “old school”, if you will but, truth be told, with all the different customizable options, they are still a pretty hot seller; pun totally intended!


From a basic square, triangle or octagon to the more unique cowboy hats & boots, four leaf clovers or helmets, printed hand fans are available in a wide variety of stock shapes and sizes and each and every one is fully customizable with your custom full color graphics.


  • Hitting a creative wall?  That’s OK, too!  We also offer a wide variety of stock graphics to enhance your personalized logo printing, as well.
  • Need extra space for more printing?  Order a sandwich fan and personalize not one but two sides for maximum exposure!
  • Is your event later this week?  No worries!  We offer next day service on several of our stock shapes.


Whatever!  However!  Whenever!  As the mercury continues to creep higher and higher in the thermometer, we have the perfect custom fan solution for you!  Contact us and get our most up to date “fan”-tastic pricing today.  (Yes, I just hit you with another corny fan pun!)

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