Trending Today: Solo Cup

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Trending Today: Solo Cup

The promotional advertising industry is always coming out with new, innovative items that keep distributors like us on our toes. Some items are in the spotlight for merely a season while other trends tend to stick around for awhile longer. In “Trending Today”, Swagmatic wants to bring to you the most recent, most demanded, most inquired on, most appreciated, and most talked about imprinted promo products at any given time.

In our first “Trending Today” feature, we bring to you: The Solo cup! You read it correctly, ladies and gentlemen. The ever so popular red Solo cup that has been a staple since the 1970’s has nuzzled its way right on in to our promotional world and, surprisingly enough, in an array of formats, as well.


In its most basic form, the traditional plastic Solo cup is available for imprinting. It is offered in, not only traditional red, but also the increasingly popular blue, white and even clear. Aside from offering color variety, it is also available in a select few sizes, including 12 oz, 16 oz and even a shot glass sized option. Each of these cups is offered with a standard, one color imprint and can be printed in smaller runs; you no longer need to order 5000 pieces to have custom Solo cups printed!

If you’re more practical and rather purchase those throwaway cups from your local party store, maybe you rather have an item that can be used over and over again but can still be associated with the Solo cup. Fear not! We have suppliers who can print custom foam wraps that are guaranteed to fit your Solo cup perfectly; there are also insulated coolers that mimic the appearance of a solo cup, too. While either of the cup holders is higher in cost than having the actual cup printed, the plus side is its logo longevity. You’d probably toss the printed cup away after one use but you wouldn’t throw a Koozie away, would you?

If you’ve got a slightly higher budget and you’re looking for something that packs a little more punch, you might want to consider the Solo brand inspired travel cup. Offered in a handful of basic colors and made of BPA free plastic, this mock Solo cup offers the appeal of an actual Solo cup, the longevity of the insulated Koozie and the appeal of a coffee tumbler, as it also comes with a travel lid. Also available in smaller runs, this item can be printed in multiple colors, as well.

As if all of these options weren’t enough, we have one more Solo cup product that is sure to leave a lasting impression: Solo cup wine glasses! These intriguing 12 oz wine glasses, made up of hard dolomite plastic, offer the appearance of a classic red Solo cup atop a clear stem with your logo for all to see. Talk about a standout item for your next party and, with everyone sure to want to take them home as a souvenir, clean up is sure to be a cinch!

Where this trend started and whether it will be short lived or long lasting is unclear to us but, we’d be willing to bet Toby Keith had a little something to do with everyone wanting to fill their red Solo cup right on up!