How It’s Made: Promotional Mats

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How It’s Made: Promotional Mats

This round of “How It’s Made” finds us in Georgia to examine how logo promotional mats are printed for each custom order submitted.

Step 1: Olefin carpet starts as the un-backed face to the ordered goods.

Step 2: The carpet is then laid onto vinyl and enters the blooming oven to be set as the mat backing.

Step 3: After the carpet is backed, it is cut down to the appropriate mat size and ready for flocking.


Step 4: A screen of the unique logo is printed and cut out from styrene.

Step 5: The screen is placed over the carpet and adhesive is applied.

Step 6: After the adhesive is applied, the mat is ready to be flocked.


Step 7: Electrically charged nylon fibers are shot at the mat and stick to the preplaced adhesive.

Step 8: They are then placed upside down on a machine that vibrates, knocking off the excess flock.

Step 9: The mats are placed in an oven for overnight curing.

The Result: The mats are finally complete and ready to ship out to happy customers.