NEWSFLASH: H&M Recalls Children’s Water Bottles

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NEWSFLASH: H&M Recalls Children’s Water Bottles

Recently, H&M, the Swedish retailer, has re-announced their recall on children’s water bottles. Originally recalled in September of 2012, the reissue was put out after discovering that several bottles had still been sold through March of 2013. In conjunction with the CPSC, H&M recalled the US store product due to several reports of spouts breaking off, posing a choking hazard to children.

The ad specialty industry should be paying special attention to this recall for three critical reasons:

1. With a comparable model being widely distributed by several promotional product vendors, each should be prepared to issue a similar notice in the event that breakage starts to occur on those products, as well.

2. The comprehensive and thoroughness of the H&M recall is noteworthy, as well, with its above-par standard and flawless execution. Having a product-pull process mapped and well thought out should really be an operating standard for any company that manufactures or sells retail products.

3. Lastly, every supplier should take note that any product with a fun logo or cartoon can be misconceived as a children’s product. It is essential to be as vigilant as possible in clearly labeling products, specifying whether they are or are not intended for children under the age of 12, and complying with the recent, stricter, safety regulations implemented on younger end-user products.

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