Trending Today: Glitter Lanyards

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Trending Today: Glitter Lanyards

In our last “Trending Today” feature, we brought to you the ever-so-popular Solo cup and all of its variations, from the disposable, printed cup to the custom made Solo-style wine glasses. In case you missed it, check it out here: Today, we bring you a classic printed promotional item with a shiny new twist: glitter lanyards!

From the beginning of time… Ok, ok, ok, realistically, for as long as we, here, have all been in the industry, lanyards have always been a popular go-to for trade show handouts, school giveaways, sporting and music events, and more. They evolved overtime, being offered in a multitude of colors and materials, adding a plethora of attachment options, and even offering dye-sublimation imprinting for a uniquely personalized lanyard design. The next step, clearly, was to add bling to them to ensure their future in the ad specialty industry would continue to be bright.

Bling Layards

Currently, the hottest and most inquired about lanyard is also the newest one making it’s way to product lines. Commonly referred to as glitter lanyards, this ¾” width lanyard comes in a slew of classic colors and then offers either a gold or silver material laid upon it. Printed in any one color, it brings your name, logo or brand to life in a fun and flashy way! Further benefits, including attachment options and added safety breakaways, are available; these can also be made in a wrist-let size, perfect as key-chain accessories for people

Gliiter Ink LanyardIf the glitter overlay is a bit too flashy for your liking, maybe consider a colored lanyard with your message printed in a glitter ink, instead. Need pizzazz in a rush? Order blank lanyards decorated in rhinestones, instead. Whatever your interest level in bling is, we have the perfect option for you so, if you have any of the following events coming up, contemplate any one of the lustrous items mentioned:

  • Trade Show
  • Concert
  • Marathon
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Sporting Event
  • School Dance
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Glitter Lanyard Blank Rhinestone Lanyard