How It’s Made: Etched Wine Bottles

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How It’s Made: Etched Wine Bottles

Where else but California would we find ourselves learning about the etching & painting process of custom designed wine bottles?!

1: A custom designed film is exposed to light.

2: The light-exposed film is then applied to the bottle.

3: After the film is applied, the edges of the film are taped down to the bottle.


4: Once the edges are secured with tape, the film design is sandblasted onto the bottle.

5: Here is what the bottle looks like following sandblasting.

6: After a little clean up, the bottle is ready to be hand painted.  This is an optional feature and can be done in either one color or full color.


7: Once hand painted, and after it’s final cleaning, this is how the bottle appears prior to packing.

The Result: Here is the customized champagne bottle with sandblasted etching, gold leaf paint, and a customized neck label, printed and applied.