How It’s Made: Hand Sanitizer

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How It’s Made: Hand Sanitizer

This issue of “How It’s Made” has us visiting one of our west coast vendors to check out how they handle bottling and labeling their ever-so-popular 0.5 oz gel hand sanitizer.

Step 1: Bulk gel sanitizer is pumped from a stainless-steel, explosion-proof, 25-gallon tote.

Step 2: Clear bottles are then placed on the filling conveyor.  A screw-conveyor is used to ensure the bottles have perfect spacing between them.

Step 3: The evenly spaced bottles are then filled utilizing not one but two heads.  With immaculate precision, each filling head dispenses .25 oz into a single bottle.


Step 4: After each bottle has its proper amount of sanitizer, white plastic caps are conveyed to marry the bottle. The cap is torqued onto the bottle with a spinning abrasive wheel.

Step 5: Filled and capped, the sanitizer bottles then arrive at the accumulation table for final inspection before moving on to the labeling station.

Step 6: Prior to printing the labels, the images for both the standard back labeling and the custom art for the front imprint are viewed on the “art screen” for a final inspection.


Step 7: The labels are then produced on a thermal printer.

Step 8: Once the printing has been completed, the unlabeled bottles are loaded onto the next conveyor where a two-sided label applicator finishes customizing each order.

The Result: Bottles fall, bulk, and are ready for taping and shipment.