How It’s Made: FotoFlex Wristbands

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How It’s Made: FotoFlex Wristbands

This month, we travel to sunny Arizona to learn how full color FotoFlex wristbands are made and printed in our latest edition of “How It’s Made”.

Step 1:  While the outcome of every order is drastically different, based on the custom full color artwork submitted by each customer, all FotoFlex wristbands start the same way.  First, all the dry ingredients like color, additives and the “active” ingredient, sulfur, get mixed up and heated until they reach 250 degrees.

Step 2: After the dry ingredients are mixed and heated, they are then dropped in 500-lb balls onto the mill, which is, essentially, a giant rolling pin.  The mill is responsible for the cooling and rolling of the dough into sheets that are then split into strips.

Step 3: After the sheets are cut into strips. each strip is then fed into an extruder, pushing the dough out in the form of a tube, comparable to a garden hose.  This tube is then heated, rinsed and cooled.


Step 4: After the tubing cools, it is primed, conditioning it for optimal ink adherence before it gets to the imprinting stage.

Step 5: Within seconds, the tubing is imprinted with the custom, full color digital art graphics that are submitted with each custom order.  The ink is then cured.

Step 6: Once the printing has been completed and the ink has been cured, the tubing is rapidly cut into individual wristbands prior to being dropped onto the conveyor belt and packaged for shipment.


The Result : The completed product offers a digital image on wristbands, creating a walking mini-billboard, maximizing promotional effect. Each wristband order is custom printed to exact specifications including faces, event logos, sponsors’ logos, dates, special offers, etc. for a truly unique wristband that boosts your brand.