How It’s Made: Custom Polyresin Models

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How It’s Made: Custom Polyresin Models

Have you ever wondered how those custom shaped model cars, trucks, buses and planes are made?  Well in this installment of “How It’s Made”, we stay in our own midwestern region and visit EMT, an Indiana factory, and discover their step-by-step process to each custom creation.


Step 1: They start with the individualized silicone molds for the polyresin pieces.

Step 2: Carefully, the liquid polyresin material is poured in the silicone molding.

Step 3: Once the polyresin is set, the raw casting is delicately removed from the mold.


Step 4: Here is a view of the casting in the raw.

Step 5: The untreated composition is then cleaned and prepared for decoration.

Step 6: They hand-paint the details onto each individual piece.


Step 7: A view of the organic and finished product.


The Result: A beautifully crafted and decorated model for showcasing.