How It’s Made: Imprinted Nail Polish Bottles

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How It’s Made: Imprinted Nail Polish Bottles

One of our favorite orders for the October 2013 breast cancer awareness movement was for custom nail polish bottles that held a personally unique corporate named pink polish.  This month, we check out the factory that produced those to discover how they do it!


Step 1. Once the order is placed and proper formated artwork is received, a virtual sample is created, to size, rendering a mock up ready for approval.


Step 2. The artwork is then sent out to their film printer.  Two specialized machines are used to create the film.  24 hours later, said film is back in house and then sent out to the decorator for the next step.


Step 3. Upon its arrival at the decorator, a plate is made by burning the film’s image onto a nylon screen.  This portion of the process typically requires a 3 day lead time.


Step 4. Each bottle is then pad-printed using the nylon screen generated by the decorator.


Step 5.  With the custom decoration on the bottle completed, a piston-head machine is then utilized to fill each of them with the color of your choice.


Step 6. Nail polish brushes are then placed in each of the bottles.


Step 7. Finally, the caps are fastened onto the bottles and each order is packaged for shipment.


The Result: A personalized bottle of nail polish, filled with your color of choice, complete with your hand selected artwork and personalized polish color name!