NEWSFLASH: Employees Prefer Holiday Gifts

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NEWSFLASH: Employees Prefer Holiday Gifts

Nearly 80% of American workers would rather receive a great holiday gift than have an office party, according to the 2013 Holiday Business Gift Survey by Lands’ End Business Outfitters. The percentage of employees preferring a holiday gift grew 12% compared to one year ago.

“The holidays are a natural time to recognize employees and business partners with a thoughtful gift,” said Carl Atwell, senior vice president of Lands’ End Business Outfitters. “Our survey shows that people really appreciate those gifts.”

For the holidays, data shows that many employers (42%) prefer to give workers apparel, with gift cards (28%) and bags/totes (27%) close behind. Yet, 45% of employees prefer to receive a holiday cash bonus, followed by gift cards (23%) and apparel (11%).

While employees value cash as gifts, Linda Stevens, owner of LS Enterprises, has had success providing staffgifts like logoed vests, zip-up hooded sweatshirts, duffel bags and blankets.

“Employees like cash, yes, but as we all know, it is spent and there is nothing tangible,” she said. “Their employees are proud of the items they receive.”

So, with that being said, what did your company do this past holiday season?  Were cash bonuses administered?  Was there an office party? What about an edible gift, like cookies or chocolates?  Share your holiday gifts with us!  Send us photos or tell us on FB or Twitter.  We really want to know!