Top 10: December 2013

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Top 10: December 2013

This year, we want to compare what our customers are looking for versus what the industry says the average consumer is searching for.  Although there are always some rather boring staples that may fluctuate ranking but never leave the list, there also tends to be one, sometimes two, that differ.  At times, they seem to be on trend with what Swagmatic has had going on that month and other times, we just look at each other in disbelief, wondering what could have encouraged the trend.

The top 10 most searched words within our industry product database is in for December 2013 and the list is rather sensible.  In fact, it’s pretty comparable to what we worked on here, as well.  The only thing we’d note is that the order in popularity would differ for Swagmatic.  The majority of our customers were ahead of the 8-ball, so to speak, and had their calendar orders in by early November while hargers and wine were more popular than bags, totes and mugs.  Umbrellas and blankets were irrelevant for us.

#1 – Pen



#2 – Stylus



#3 – Tote



#4 – Mug



#5 – Umbrella



#6 – Wine



#7 – Calendar



#8 – Blanket



#9 – Charger



#10 – Bag