Trending Today: Dual USB Chargers

29 Jan Posted by in Swag Projects | Comments
Trending Today: Dual USB Chargers

We’ve know for quite some time that imprinted and logoed mobile accessories were on the rise in the promotional industry.  If the inquiries and sales in the last quarter of 2013 wasn’t indication enough, all we had to do was check out the new products of 2014.  Several of our vendors have introduced an array of doodads to work with phones, tablets, readers, music players and the like.

One of the most popular items for us as the year ended were the dual USB chargers.  These tech gadgets are perfect for travel, plugging into any car powered outlet to provide a power source for multiple electronics simultaneously.

Some come with a circular imprint location!

Dual USB_Round

Some come square, instead!

Dual USB_Square

Some come in bright, fun colors!

Dual USB_Color

Some come with some serious amperage!

Dual USB_Amps

ONE is out best seller!

Dual USB_Favorite

With a variety of colors, styles and sizes to choose from, we’re sure we can find the perfect one to accommodate your budgetary needs and corporate color scheme.