How It’s Made: Digitized Emblems

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How It’s Made: Digitized Emblems

Our Philadelphian factory, Penn Emblem, introduces us to the method behind creating digitized emblems for today’s “How It’s Made”.


Step 1: The artist reviews his work for accuracy and quality.  Then, the artwork is sent to digitizer for the emblem to be digitized for embroidery.

Step 2: The DST file has been loaded into the embroidery machine and the embroidery process has begun.

Step 3: Here is an image of the 36,700-stitch emblem, once sewing has been completed.


Step 4: The next step is to prepare the emblem for the lamination process.

Step 5: The application of a layer of the urethane using a post-laminator machine (heat, pressure and dwell time) has been completed.

Step 6: Corel Draw software enables the laser cutter to cut out a quality emblem from the substrate with precision.


Step 7: Here is a view of the laser cutter in action.

Step 8: Loose threads are snipped from the emblem and the product is inspected.


The Result: Go Buffalo Bisons!