Top 10: January 2014

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Top 10: January 2014

The Top 10 is in again and here is what was “hot” for January.  As you can see, many items are the same, although they have shifted in popularity.  Of course, a few are also gone and new ones have made an appearance.

#1 – Pen

January Pen

#2 – Tumbler

January Tumbler

#3 – Mug

January Mug

#4 – Blanket

January Blanket

#5 – Tote

January Tote

#6 – Stylus

January Stylus

#7 – Water Bottle

January Water Bottle

#8 – Charger

January Charger

#9 – Umbrella

January Umbrella

#10 – Padfolio

January Padfolio

With the Polar Vortex overtaking almost the entire country, it’s easy to see how the blanket not only stayed but also climbed ranks; one can assume this winter weather is also responsible for the umbrella’s continued success in the Top 10, as well.  As far as the styli and chargers are concerned, our customer can’t seem to get enough of them, either, and he padfolio is new to the list this month, possibly because the it’s a great gift to start off the new year with.