NEWSFLASH: Study Shows Customer Service Disconnect

04 Mar Posted by in Swag Projects | Comments
NEWSFLASH: Study Shows Customer Service Disconnect

A new study of B2B distributors and their customer service methods from TermSync, an online customer service portal, sheds light on many customer service issues that all B2B businesses deal with on a daily basis.

In summary, the study revealed a major disconnect between the level and types of support B2B businesses are providing customers and the level and types of support customers actually want.

While it used to be good enough to only provide customers with e-mail and phone support, this isn’t the case anymore, due to technology advancements and changes in customer expectations. Even though businesses most likely provide good customer service via these other channels, they’re still failing to give customers what they really want – an online customer service model they can access when and where they want.

93% of distributors expect their team to respond to customers in one business day, yet only 40% track to see if employees actually do.

42% of companies not using a portal said they weren’t using one simply because other projects had priority – showing businesses really aren’t making customer service a top priority.

Only 30% of distributors provide customers with an online support option for customers to perform basic functions like pay an invoice, file a dispute, ask a question, etc., despite 72% of customers preferring a self-service, digital model to phone or e-mail support.

Companies are smart to survey their clients on a regular basis, on all aspects of their business dealings.