Trending Today: Selfie Tools

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Trending Today: Selfie Tools

It would seem that everybody and their mother, yes, even my mother, is out there taking selfies!  Whether their stage is a well known landmark, a trendy restaurant or even a public bathroom, I’d be willing to bet you can catch, maybe even photobomb, someone mid-selfie on a daily basis.  Of course, that opens the promotional market right on up for corporate branding opportunities.  Below are just a few of the MANY selfie tools that have recently hit the industry market.

Swagmatic selfie stick Selfie stick in use

Selfie Snapper – A wireless Bluetooth remote for taking pictures on iOS or Android cameras.  Just pair up your device, open your camera app and start shooting pictures using the Selfie Snapper.  Looking to maximize your promotion?  Pair it up with a tripod for an impressive gift set!

 Selfie Snapper

Features :

  • Bluetooth version: 3.0

  • Effective distance: 30 feet

  • Compact and Lightweight making it easy to carry

  • Size: 2.04” L x 0.35” H x 1.18” W

  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red or White


Selfie Remote – Now you can take pictures without asking for assistance!  Supported by latest iOS versions.  No manual, installation nor app required.  Just Plug, Smile and SNAP!



  • 3ft cord attached to remote

  • Minimize vibration when shooting

  • Easy control shutter for long time exposure

  • Size: 3.3” W x 1.6” W x 0.6” D

  • Available Colors: Blue, Green or Pink


Groupie – The Groupie is a selfie remote control that will automatically connect with either your iPhone or Android. It’s easy to operate – just turn on your Bluetooth setting, watch it pair up to your device and click away.  Great for group shots!


  • Bluetooth 4.0

  • Designed to accommodate either a ball chain or lanyard

  • Size: 1.6″ L x 1.6″ W x 0.2″ D

  • Available in Gray


Self Made – Here’s a device that everyone needs! A wireless selfie clicker. No more relying on the length of your hand to take a good selfie, mount your camera anywhere and click. This brilliant new product is a must have accessory for your iPhone or Smartphone.  Compatible with both Apple products and Android technology.

 Self Made


  • Effective Distance

  • Size: 2″ L x 1.3″ W x 0.4″ D

  • Available Colors: Blue, Green, Red, White or Yellow