How It’s Made: American Apparel Jersey Cotton T-Shirt

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How It’s Made: American Apparel Jersey Cotton T-Shirt

Have you ever wondered how American Apparel makes their unbelievably comfy and soft jersey cotton shirt right here in the USA? Have no fear because in this edition of “How It’s Made”, we bring to you the process that delivers to you, arguably, the softest, smoothest, best looking t-shirt on the market!


Step 1: They start the process by knitting 100% combed ring-spun yarns into a tight-knit, 30-singles fabric.  They use state-of-the-art circular knitting machines at two facilities, both located in Los Angeles.


Step 2: Knitted fabric is then bleached, dyed, and rinsed at one of their two dye and finishing houses in LA.  Their finishing processes allow for consistent shrinkage control, while providing the soft yet durable feel that forever changed the industry standard.


Step 3: The tubular finished fabric is die-cut, providing consistency and accuracy for every garment.


Step 4: Cut pieces and trim fabrics are bundled and moved to the sewing department for final construction.


Step 5: A sewing team of nine people work together to construct the 2001 t-shirt.  Each person has a specific responsibility during the fabrication process – hem sleeve, close sleeve, join shoulder, set collar, tape neck, set sleeves, hem bottom and examination.  The 2001 teams, on average, produce over 2000 garments per shift.