Thinking Putty

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Thinking Putty

Looking to offer something more creative or substantial than another pen, mug, or t-shirt?

Are you looking for…

…a creative, outside the box promotional product

  • Thinking Putty is the perfect outside the box item, which makes it work for any innovative project.

  • Thinking Putty offers more than a one-color imprint. Allow us to help you create a fully integrated package design!


…a promotional product with lasting value

  • Thinking Putty never dries out!

  • The metal tins stay on desks and can be reused for other purposes.

  • Metal packaging is proven to offer higher perceived value than plastic items.


…a color-customized product

  • Thinking Putty can be customized by matching any color or adding special effects.

  • We can even PMS match the putty itself!

  • All of our imprinting is full color process at no extra charge!


…stress toys

  • Stress balls roll off desks, tear, or end up in the trash after a few squeezes. Thinking Putty, in its fully customizable tins, stays on people’s desktops for years.

  • Thinking Putty never dries out, so it can reduce your stress for years!


…a tradeshow or convention giveaway

  • Using Thinking Putty is a proven way to create buzz. Everyone wants putty to play with and bring home!

  • Thinking Putty’s customizable tins have a large imprint area so people remember you.

  • Are people more likely to remember the company that gave away plastic pens or the one that handed out the most original and exciting item at the show?


…a product that is Made in the USA!

  • Thinking Putty is 100% Made in the USA right outside of Philadelphia.

  • Thinking Putty is made from high quality silicone and top-shelf pigments so it never dries out or smells funny.


…a quality employee appreciation gift

  • Everyone loves to play—even adults!—and people love Thinking Putty.

  • Instead of giving your employees another mug, pen, or shirt, give them something that will make them smile.

  • Thinking Putty is proven to improve the culture of your office!


…a customized product for a shop or store

  • Thinking Putty is a hit in museum gift shops, college campus stores, hospital gift shops, or company-branded stores.

  • We have created custom label designs for colleges, aquariums, zoos, museums, and stores of all kinds. If you would like to see a sample of our past work for inspiration, just let us know.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? What can YOU imagine on a custom tin of Thinking Putty? Let us know!

Thinking Putty can become whatever you want it to be! Make it work for you with these sample slogans and product names or you can choose your own product name to match your marketing plan!


  • Innovation Putty

  • Stress Putty

  • Study Putty

  • Productivity Putty

  • Positive Putty

  • Motivation Putty

  • …or whatever you come up with!


Sample slogans that work well with custom tins of Thinking Putty:


  • Stretch Your Imagination

  • Bounce Back with…

  • Shaping the Future

  • Focus on Flexibility

  • Expand Your Horizons

  • Think Outside the Box

  • Stretch Your Dollar

  • We’re Flexible!

  • Stretch the Limits


Need help brainstorming a slogan or product name? We’re happy to help with that, too!

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