Jetline Recalls Power Adapters

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Jetline Recalls Power Adapters

Supplier firm Jetline announced in July through the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( that it voluntarily recalled approximately 31,000 mobile power adapters that the company says were given away as trade show promotions nationwide between October 2013 and April 2014. The company said it recalled the items, which have become increasingly popular thanks to the expansion of the mobile accessories category, because of a possibility of overheating.

“This was a voluntary action we performed after one report out of 31,000,” said Teresa Fang, Jetline’s director of product and supply chain operations. “We hope that our choice in being a leader and going above and beyond in product safety to protect our customers does not have any ill effect on the category. We are confident that consumer demand for innovative, useful and quality items will persist. Demand and value for this category is prevalent within and outside our industry. Increased attention to detail pertaining to the components used within these accessories will become more prevalent up and down the supply chain.”

Jetline said the product in question is SKU: IT108, USB to AC Power Adapter, and the items were manufactured in China. The company said it has received one report of a consumer who was burned on their hand from the product, and Jetline said consumers should immediately stop using the product and throw them away.

“As an accredited member of the Quality Certification Alliance, we already have a persistent focus on testing, quality and safety,” said Fang. “We are committed to ensuring that all of our items meet and exceed all compliance requirements currently. Additionally, we have retained third-party auditors to evaluate our internal testing procedures and are perpetually focused on implementing improved practices both domestically and abroad.

“Jetline would like to reiterate that this action was conducted voluntarily based on our stringent proactive issue resolution protocol that we have in practice. Due to the nature of manufacturing, there is always a risk that a small universe of items within a given lot may have an issue associated with them. We will continually apply more stringent manufacturing specifications and inspections to eliminate the possibility of these types of occurrences.”