Study: Color Play

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Study: Color Play

Stitch Labs conducted a study to answer the question: “Does product color mix impact revenue for retailers? If so, what are the patterns and how can we mine our data to help retailers make smarter purchasing decisions?”

The results were grouped into two categories: chromatics (colors with a hue: red, blue, yellow, etc.), and achromatics, (colors with no hue: black, white and gray).

Key results include:

Color Stay Graphic

  • Black is 2.4 times more popular than the next most popular color, white.
  • Achromatics on average sell for $30 per unit, while chromatics on average sell for only $26 per unit.
  • The majority of items sold are black items, which make up 34% of all unit sales.
  • The average revenue per unit for an achromatic is 15% higher than for chromatic colors.
  • 63% of all units sold are achromatic, while only 37% of units sold are chromatic.
  • Yellow commands one of the lowest average revenue per unit amounts.

Source: Stitch Labs (