Featured Brandname: RuMe Tote Bags and ID Tags

22 Jul Posted by in Swag Projects | Comments
Featured Brandname: RuMe Tote Bags and ID Tags

Branded tote bags can be one of the most useful promo items for your client, but low quality bags can become uncomfortable or worn down. If you want to offer your clients a brand name product that will last for years, consider ordering tote bags from RuMe as well as some of their more high-tech swag.

Designed for ease of use, the RuMe tote is soft and silky when held in your hand and also lies comfortably against your side when worn on a shoulder. It is lightweight enough for easy storage yet sturdy enough to carry 50 pounds. RuMe also offers a large variety of custom print and pattern options, so you can customize the bag to fit your brand’s personality. The machine-washable bags come in three different sizes to cater to a variety of needs.

Another innovative product from RuMe is their line of ID tags and decals featuring RuMeID. These identifiers feature a QR code that links to contact information you can update in real-time, allowing the finder to easily return lost items. Products featuring this technology include key tags, luggage tags, stick on and iron on decals, and pet tags.

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