Why Coloring Book Promos Are For More than Just Kids

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Why Coloring Book Promos Are For More than Just Kids

If you thought your days of enjoying coloring books were over, think again. Adults across the country have been embracing this childhood staple as a way to reduce stress and let out creative energy. The trend picked up traction in 2013 when designer Johanna Basford released Secret Garden, a coloring book filled with intricate floral designs made specifically for adults, which sold over 1.5 million copies. An app called Colorfy was also recently introduced, allowing users to fill in intricate patterns right on their touchscreen device.

Enchanted Forest colour 1

A fan-submitted page from Johanna Basford’s second book, Enchanted Forest

Basford believes coloring is a great way to clear your mind and forget about the stresses of adult life.

“It allows us to regress to a mindset when times were carefree and we didn’t have grown-up worries such as making rent payments or an annoying boss at work,” she said in an interview. It’s also an activity that requires little technical skill; you don’t have to be a master illustrator to create something beautiful.

Coloring books have long been a popular promotional product for kids but the industry is beginning to take notice of adult coloring fans too. A number of books featuring nature themes, geometric patterns, and other images, can be customized with your company logo. Paired with a set of colored pencils, they make a great gift to help employees or patients reduce stress and to promote relaxation in your organization. Contact us for more information on this great promo idea!