3 Things To Know When Running A Corporate Wellness Program

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3 Things To Know When Running A Corporate Wellness Program

With so many trendy new fitness programs like CrossFit and SoulCycle, it’s easy to assume that we’re a country of exercise junkies.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that the majority of Americans still don’t get enough physical activity, and obesity rates continue to climb. As a result, many organizations have taken it upon themselves to encourage healthy behaviors among their employees.

Running a corporate wellness program is an excellent way to invest in the well-being of your employees, build corporate culture, and increase morale by showing your organization’s commitment to its people.

Armed with the perfect swag, running an effective and engaging program can be easy. Plus, it builds major brand awareness when employees use their new gear at the gym or on the court. Here are three things to keep in mind when running your next wellness initiative:

  1. Everyone has different preferences–so offer choices. ASI Central recommends offering a variety of branded items so all employees can find the products that match their fitness needs. For example, you could offer both free yoga mats and branded running gear.
  2. Consider the dress code at your office. If employees will be dashing from their pilates session to a meeting, versatile athleisure clothing will make it easy to still look polished.
  3. Don’t forget about healthy eating. Diet is a crucial component to any fitness regime. Food journals, water bottles, and containers for portion control are great giveaways to support good eating habits.

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Source: ASI Central