4 Products That Will Follow World Travelers Wherever They Go

08 May Posted by in Swag Projects | Comments
4 Products That Will Follow World Travelers Wherever They Go

Airline mishaps aside, travel is still on the minds of many Americans as summer approaches. Millennials in particular are traveling more than ever, with over 88 percent going overseas one to three times in a year. Business travel is also on the rise as the workforce becomes more global, and companies expand their reach to foreign countries.

Unfortunately, traveling can still be a tedious process filled with long lines and clunky luggage. If your customers will be jetting off on a trip soon, providing them with products to streamline the experience will be greatly appreciated. You’ll also get your brand name seen across the world, no international advertising budget required!

Northeastern Illinois University recently found success by offering a cheap, convenient travel promotion in the form of passport holders. They distributed them to attendees of their International Business Conference, to promote study abroad opportunities at the school.

Passport holders are just one creative, affordable option to offer travelers. Contact us to learn about these four other great product ideas.

  1. Travel adapters for countries with different outlets
  2. Sophisticated leather luggage tags to spot bags easily
  3. A portable cushion for uncomfortable airplane seats
  4. An ear plug and eye mask kit to make red-eye flights more bearable