How to Reach Generation Z with Promo Products

02 May Posted by in Swag Projects | Comments
How to Reach Generation Z with Promo Products

It seems like brand marketers are just starting to understand the behaviors and attitudes of the much buzzed-about millennial demographic- and now there’s a new group to try to decipher.

While Millennials adapted to a world of technology as they grew up, the generation born after 1995, Gen Z, has never known a world without it. They don’t feel nostalgia for the days before iPhones and tablets, because they were too young to remember it.

As this group slowly begins to enter the workforce and gain purchasing power, marketers must figure out what products they’re look for.

ASI Central recently put together the following infographic about their business and purchasing behaviors:

If you’re a business with Gen Z customers, knowing what products will end up in their school bags or desks (and which ones will end up in their trash) is crucial.

Here are a few promo products they’re likely to appreciate:

  1. Virtual assistant products. Asking Siri or Alexa for information feels natural for this generation-and being students, they’re likely to appreciate receiving one as a gift.
  2. High-quality bags. Gen Z members are opting for well constructed leather backpacks over the polyester sport sacks used by previous generations.
  3. Athleisure clothing. Like Millennials before them, this generation is concerned with personal fitness and want fashion-forward athletic wear that fits their lifestyle.

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