YETI Cracks Down on Promotional Drinkware

25 Jul Posted by in Swag Projects | Comments
YETI Cracks Down on Promotional Drinkware

Businesses interested in promotional tumblers and travel mugs should be aware of a recent claim by drinkware line YETI.

ASI Central reported that the manufacturer recently alleged that several models of promotional coolers and tumblers infringed upon their patented product design. While no legal action has been taken yet, many promo product companies are choosing to take down the offending products rather than risk consequences.

“The near identical likeness of the infringing drinkware products to YETI’s Rambler Drinkware compels the conclusion that YETI’s Rambler Drinkware products were intentionally copied,” said a lawyer for the company.

In the past, the company has filed infringement suits against Home Depot, Walmart and other large retailers.

Some promotional product suppliers believe that YETI’s claims are reaching too far–however, experts recommend proceeding with caution when dealing with infringement cases, to avoid hefty fines and legal battles.