3 Reasons to Use Promo Products as Part of a Brand Launch

29 Aug Posted by in Swag Projects | Comments
3 Reasons to Use Promo Products as Part of a Brand Launch

Starting something new is never easy whether its a personal project, a new product for your company, or an entirely new brand. Countless new businesses fail within their first few years, partially due to an inability to break into an established market and make a name for themselves. Great swag can help with that!

  1. They create awareness. The company mentioned wasn’t even launching their new drug for a few years–and didn’t even have a name for it yet. But offering branded products allowed them to establish themselves as a key player in their target market, and communicate their mission and goals.
  2. They’re educational. The drug being released treated a relatively unknown disorder. If you’re promoting an unusual or complex product, branded items help you educate the public about what exactly it does and who it can help.
  3. Starting early helps you figure out what works for you. After offering products for over a year, the pharma startup figured out which ones were most popular. This gives you key insights about what your audiences does and doesn’t like.

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