Having worked for both industry vendors and promotional product distributors, Swagmatic LLC was established in 2010 by a team of individuals who, collectively, had over 18 years of experience working in the advertising specialty field.  Having been involved with ASI as long as we have, there was one core value we truly wanted to return to that, we felt by our standards, most other internet-based distributors were lacking in their approach: personal attention.  We wanted to come back to the days when the internet was not the main source of idea presentation; the days when a customer would reach out to their product “guy” for marketing concepts & unique product ideas and work together, as a team, to present the brand in the best way possible.  This is why we have made it our mission here to assist all companies, from large corporations to “mom-and-pop” shops, in defining, designing and creating the perfect swag for every and any printed project need!


Our entire team is dedicated to making sure that each and every customer knows that we are here for you, around the clock, for every single need.  There is no need to have a “pen guy”, a “paper guy”, an “apparel guy” AND a “tradeshow guy”; let us be your one and only!  From intra-office embroidered apparel and employee recognition favors to tradeshow handouts and customer appreciation gifts, we put our skills and experience into your individual brand recognition at every level.  Our access to hundreds of thousands of customizable promo items allows you to design, in its entirety, the image you wish project to your customers and to your prospects.

Browse our What’s New page for ideas or contact a Swagmatic representative to get your project started. Even if you’re not sure what you want, we are here to help you every step of the way!