Alcohol & Liquor Promotional Items

Over the years, we have had many people come to us looking for creative promotional items for their liquor and alcohol related promos. Whether it’s alcohol brands or local bars, these types of promotions are extremely common in every part of the country. Because alcohol is such a big industry, there are always promotions going on for new liquor products, new bars, holidays and other events – and advertisers are willing to spend the money in order to gain those valued, loyal customers for their brands. Of course, we can provide you with all types of alcohol promotional items for these types of events!

Liquor related promotional products can come in a wide variety of creative options. For instance, glass beer mugs, or steins, are always popular. They can be branded with your company’s logo in a high quality manner so that it doesn’t wash off after repeated use. This type of item is perfect for bars and brands that want to spread awareness and loyalty. The same logo process can also be applied to other types of drink containers. Customized koozies are also an extremely in-demand item.

Another popular alcohol related promo item is the beer bottle opener. You have, no doubt, seen these handy gadgets come as magnets, keychains and other creative iterations. We can get these custom bottle openers Lemon_Openermolded in any shape, size and color – your imagination is the limit!

For higher end alcohol promotions, especially for trade shows, some brands choose to create bottle shaped USB drives. Imagine getting a nicely molded and printed beer bottle flash drive from a liquor brand… wouldn’t you be impressed and intrigued? This is a great way to deliver some promotional videos, vendor information or other interactive content to the promo item recipients. For example, if these are being given away at an industry trade show, videos and distributor info would serve as fitting content. On the other hand, bars and brands holding contests, giveaways and other interactive promotions could use these custom shaped liquor USB drives for interactive games, promo videos or even as a secret key as part of a larger contest!

The sky is really the limit when it comes to creating unique promotional items for the alcohol industry, or really for any industry at all. If you are looking for some great bar promotion ideas, nightclub promotions or anything else for your brand or company’s next promotion, give us a call and we’ll help you come up with something creative, engaging and fun! After all, we’ve been doing this for years and have really seen it all. Let us give you some fresh ideas that are sure to make your promotion, giveaway or contest a big hit with your audience!

Call or email us today to get started with your trade show giveaway ideas. We’ll help you through every step of the way!


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