Custom Water Bottles & Promotional Mugs

Looking for water bottles with logo branding? You and everyone else! Personalized water bottles have been one of the most commonly requested types of promo items for years, and promotional mugs have been an office staple for even longer! But just because these promotional products are so popular, that doesn’t mean that you’re being unoriginal. After all, they’re popular for a reason – and that reason is that branded drinkware is a great corporate gift!

When getting ready for an industry trade show or just to show appreciation to your clients and customers, customized water bottles are a great way to go. A decade ago, there were far fewer options for water bottle styles and colors. These days, you can get custom water bottles made in pretty much any shape you want, with any style, design and color. Creating unique looking custom water bottles is both fun and rewarding. You’ll know that the recipients of your promo gifts will be pleased to get something so creative and functional. There’s no better way to show your clients that you care about the details than to deliver your branded water bottles with a surprising and fresh design that people haven’t seen before. And of course, everyone appreciates a gift that is not only attractive but can actually be useful in daily life.


Promotional Water Bottles

There are literally endless possibilities for the way your logo water bottles can be designed. Just browsing through our branded drinkware examples will give you an idea of all the different styles, materials, colors and themes that you can get – and that’s just the beginning! Some people choose to go with double walled acrylic water bottles which let you get really creative with the patterns that can be seen through the transparent outer wall. Others prefer their promotional water bottles to be made of a simpler plastic, BPA-free, of course. Your logo could be modestly displayed on the side of the bottle or it could take up the entire outer surface area if you want. Many people choose to style their custom logo water bottles to fit the company or industry’s theme. So whether your business relates to the automotive industry, animals, plants or people, your custom water bottles will fit the theme.

Don’t Rule Out Promotional Mugs

Water bottles with logo aren’t for everyone. Depending on your business or the tone of the message you want to communicate with your corporate gifts and trade show giveaways, you may want to go with promotional mugs instead. While similar in concept, logo mugs send a slightly different message and may be more appropriate for a more corporate environment. Similarly to custom water bottles, however, you could customize your mugs in an endless variety of ways!

Let’s be honest – coffee mugs are one item no office could do without. In fact, there are often more mugs in an office than there are employees! They’re great for any type of drink, not just coffee or tea, and that’s what makes them such a great promotional item. Your company’s promotional logo mugs can be made in any shape you want, as long as they can stand and hold liquid. You could get wacky with your style and create something truly unique, or you can use a more standard shape and put your logo on the side, or even on the inside, of the mug. Whether your gift recipients will be drinking their coffee at work or at home, your company’s logo will always be there to remind them of your brand’s value to their business.

Logo Mugs

No matter if you choose to go with custom water bottles or personalized mugs, you can rest assured that you’re making a sound decision. Both of these types of promotional items are among the most traditional, tried-and-true promo items that have already proven their popularity and have become established as a common and expected item in any office or home. You can’t go wrong!

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